FOR SALE: 2011 Toyota Prius IV (NEW)

2011 Toyota Prius For Sale

2011 Toyota Prius For Sale

Prices have come down dramatically on all new 2011 Prius models.  This Prius IV is loaded with Solar Roof, Navigation, Leather, Premium Audio and more.
Silver with gray leather interior.  Currently priced at dealer invoice.  Call Gene at (510) 282-0348

Model #: 1227

2011 Toyota Prius Hybrid IV
4Cyl Gas/Hybrid Automatic


MSRP $32460.00
Invoice: $30564.00
Your Price:  $30,564

Good Deals Return For Bay Area Prius Buyers


The long summer of high prices and inventory shortages for the Toyota Prius is over.

Easing gas prices and a sputtering economy have softened demand for the Prius.  Meanwhile, increased production and the arrival of shipments from Japan has brought supply back to pre-earthquake levels.

With reduced demand and greater supply, the market has swung back to favor buyers.   In the Bay Area, we are finding choices on options and colors to be plentiful, while prices have fallen dramatically.

For example, a brand new Toyota Prius II in winter gray metallic can be had for $23,342.  That is $100 below dealer invoice and $1138 below MSRP, which is what you would have paid a month ago for that car… if you could find it.

If you are in the market for a new Toyota Prius, contact Gene for a price quote at (510)282-0348 or

It’s been three months since the devastating earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, and Toyota claims it will soon be back to 90% production levels on Japanese-made vehicles.    The problem is it takes 6-8 weeks to build and ship a Prius, so there is a hole in the pipeline for delivery.

What’s showing up at ports today are cars that were built (or not built) 2 months ago.   Dealerships that would normally be getting 80 new cars per month are getting 10 or so.

Combine the supply shortage with the increased demand for the fuel efficient Prius and you have a very tight market in the San Francisco Bay Area for purchase of a new 2011 Prius.

It’s taken a few months to work through the inventory that was on dealers’ lots.  Now, many dealers have few if any Prius in stock, with few in the pipeline for the near future.

As a result, many dealers have started adding leather and other accessories to their cars in order to maximize profit on the limited number of cars they have.    Base model Package II is especially rare, and most Prius will sell for $25K and up, with markups of $3K or more for “added leather” not uncommon.

Soon even these cars will be snapped up, and your only way of getting a new Prius will be to get on a waiting list or put a deposit on one of the few incoming ones.

The good news for buyers is that this situation is temporary.  It looks as if the price of gas may have already peaked above $4/gallon and has eased somewhat, as it usually does after Memorial Day.  Production in Japan continues to increase and will get back to normal soon.    If you need to buy a Prius in Northern CA in the next month or two, expect to pay top dollar and have limited choices.  But if you can wait until Fall, the situation should start to improve.

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