The long summer of high prices and inventory shortages for the Toyota Prius is over.

Easing gas prices and a sputtering economy have softened demand for the Prius.  Meanwhile, increased production and the arrival of shipments from Japan has brought supply back to pre-earthquake levels.

With reduced demand and greater supply, the market has swung back to favor buyers.   In the Bay Area, we are finding choices on options and colors to be plentiful, while prices have fallen dramatically.

For example, a brand new Toyota Prius II in winter gray metallic can be had for $23,342.  That is $100 below dealer invoice and $1138 below MSRP, which is what you would have paid a month ago for that car… if you could find it.

If you are in the market for a new Toyota Prius, contact Gene for a price quote at (510)282-0348 or Gene@Priusfinder.com

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