2011 Toyota Prius

The 2011 Toyota Prius is hitting Bay Area dealerships now.   Having gone through a major redesign last year, the third generation Prius remains essentially unchanged from 2010.

Although the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf now offer competition for those looking for the state-of-the art in alternative and fuel efficient vehicles, each has its disadvantages.  The Leaf is an electric-only vehicle with a limited range before requiring lengthy charging.  And the Volt adds plug-in capability so it can go further using only batteries, but you’ll pay a hefty premium to buy it.

Bottom line, the 2011 Prius, with it’s 50+ mpg rating, it’s sporty feel, luxury options and everyday practicality, looks set to enjoy another year as the most popular hybrid car.

Right now, supply is good and prices are fairly soft.  We’re seeing most new models selling at or below dealer invoice, with prices starting at $22,684 for a package II.  For a quote on the Prius of your choice, or if you have questions, contact Gene at (510) 282-0348 or Gene@Priusfinder.com

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