It seems like I’ve spent all year telling people this is the best time to buy a new Prius.   And then Toyota made a liar out of me by lowering prices or increasing incentives.  The deals just kept getting better and better.  So I’m not sure if I have any credibility left.

But this is December. 2010 is finally coming to an end.  And you can celebrate what has been a tough year for Toyota by grabbing what is now a $1500 cash rebate on top of already rock bottom prices on remaining 2010 Prius models.

December is traditionally one of the best times to buy a car, as dealers look to reduce inventory and increase revenues before the books close on the year.  And no one wants to buy a new 2010 model once we’re in 2011.

So you have one more opportunity to take advantage of what has been a great buyer’s market for the 2010 Prius.    Don’t wait too long if you want to make sure the color and options of your choice are still available.

Call or email me for a quote on the Prius of your choice.  Most models will be $2,000 below dealer invoice, with prices for a Prius II starting at  $20,750.

Happy Holidays!

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