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Special Deals on NEW 2010 Toyota PRIUS

Special Deals on NEW 2010 Toyota PRIUS

The following NEW 2010 Toyota Prius are available right now in the Bay Area at discounted prices

Model Ext Color Int Color

Option Package Price
2010 Prius Sandy Beach Tan Package #II $22,307
2010 Prius Silver Gray Package #III $23,179
2010 Prius Red Tan Package #III + Navigation $24,905
2010 Prius Red Tan Package #III + Solar Sunroof Package $26,445
2010 Prius Blue Ribbon Ash Leather Package #IV + Solar Sunroof Package $29,399
(Prices include everything but tax and license fees.)

There has never been a better time to buy a new Prius!

Toyota is currently offering special 0% financing on all new 2010 Prius.  And Bay Area Prius inventory is plentiful, with prices on many models below dealer invoice.

That’s why the smart money is taking advantage of this lull in demand to get a great deal on a new  Prius.  When gas prices go up this summer and beyond, you’ll be smiling.

We are licensed car brokers, specializing in hybrid vehicles. That means we deal directly with the fleet
managers at Toyota dealerships and locate cars on your behalf, saving you the hassle of searching around for the car of your choice. Our bottom line prices are disclosed up front, so there is no haggling
with a commissioned car salesperson. And you will be picking up your Prius  in the Bay Area directly from our offices in Fremont,CA  where we offer a quick, easy, no-hassle purchase process.  No more 3-hour dealership ordeals. 0% financing is available right now, and we’ll take your old vehicle in trade.   Even if you don’t see the car of your choice on this list, call Gene (510) 282-0348 and I will do my best to find it for you.

-Gene Chamson

More Great Deals on 2010 Prius

This Spring has been a buyer’s market for the 2010 Prius.   The world’s leading hybrid vehicle which not that long ago sold at full sticker price with waiting lists to get one, continues to be heavily discounted.

Toyota recently announced new incentives for the month of June that include 0% financing on the Prius.  Combine that with soft pricing and plentiful inventory on dealer lots, and this remains one of the best times to buy a new Prius.

How long will it last?  Probably not much longer.   Gas prices are likely to start rising again this summer.  And supply and demand are coming back into balance.

Right now, we are getting our clients prices on all Prius models that are at dealer invoice or below.   And with 0% financing, it really can’t get much better.

If you’re considering a new Prius call Gene at (510)282-0348 for a no-hassle quote.