The Cash for Clunkers program officially ends on Monday.  Many dealerships have already stopped taking orders under the program for fear of not getting reimbursed.   But we know of several dealerships that still have inventory of 2010 Prius and are still taking orders on incoming vehicles.  So you can still claim a $4500 rebate on your clunker and grab a brand new 2010 Prius.    Price is MSRP on the model of your choice ($22,950 - $31,450) plus $500 broker fee.

We are licensed car brokers, specializing in hybrid vehicles. That means we deal directly with the fleet managers at Toyota dealerships and locate cars on your behalf, saving you the hassle of searching around for a car that is difficult to find right now without paying markups. You will be picking up your Prius directly from the Toyota dealership that has it, or from our offices in Fremont (whichever is more convenient for you).    We offer a quick, easy, no-hassle purchase process.  Call Gene (510) 864-1792 right now.